How to Collect More Gems in Spooky Pop iPhone

Few days ago, Spooky Pop was in the soft launch on the apple store, but now this game has been available to be downloaded for iphone users and android will taste soon

spooky pop guide ipad android

Spooky Pop developed by Supercell can be categorized into a match-three battling game, where you will be prompted to make matches of three or more to power-up a passel of ghost-busting pals working to wipe out enemies on the board.

In this game, you can move any of Spooky Pop’s game pieces one space over, that will set up a big match for your next turn.
Note that, if you make a move that does not result in a match, your turn will come to the end and the bad guys will attack.
So be sure you have made all your necessary moves before shifting a lone game piece.

Some enemies in this game have varying attack patterns and they move with very turn, and they can fire very powerful shots after charging for a couple of turns.
In line with this, you must learn their moves so that you can attack and defend well.

Always try to avoid some bombs as they can explode and cause damage at a distance.
Before they blast, you should aim for bombs and barrels when they are zapped by the good guys.
Doing this will be an excellent way to take out groups of enemies and their defenses.

Later on this game, if you can make five or more pieces, you can upgrade a tile
Upgrading this tile will add a special effect to the next match it is used in and it and can get you out of tight squeezes.
Because of this, it will better to save up these special tiles for tough spots whenever possible.

On the other side, adding additional pieces for more power will get you to make a three-block match and you will have a couple of seconds to make another match.
Here, you can also make a completely separate three-block match on the board
Also, you can keep adding blocks to your current match to make it stronger or you can turn your three-block match into a T-shape or an L-shape.

Furthermore, powering up your fighters based on which enemies are in the lanes, and how many – Characters fire in the “lanes” directly ahead of them will deliver damage toward incoming enemies.
In accordance with this, be sure to powering up fighters with enemies in front of them as your first priority.

You can also power-up your fighters even if there are not enemies in front of them
When taking a priority of these fighters with immediate threats in front of them, you should also pay attention to anyone else on your team.
Thus, you can make as many matches as possible to bolster your fighters’ powers and to wipe out the board for the next turn.

In addition, this game will feature gems as the premium currency that you will be used to purchase cool items in this game
Every time you have made a good moves and clear all enemies on each turn, you will earn few gems from it
Thus, try to accomplish each turn to get more gems along the game


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