How to Collect More Gems in Frozen Frenzy Mania iPhone

Frozen Frenzy Mania from Storm8 Studios is a kind of a new matching three game for designed specifically for ios and android devices

frozen frenzy mania walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play in a cute little frozen world, trying to go through the game’s levels, and make a combo chains to get more points and gems

In order to get more points, matching four lines will provide you a line-clearing tile
And, matching 5 in an L-shape or a T-shape consisting of one horizontal and one vertical line will grant you a +-clearing tile

Plus, if you can match five together, you will get a rainbow tile that can knock out all tiles of the same color as the one that you swap it with.

You can also try to match four in a box shape which will give you a popsicle rocket knocking out something to complete the level.

Besides, mixing two of the special tiles together will also gain you some points.
In line with this, you can try to mix a line and a box to create a big line which will be useful to clear five lines at one time.

Here, you can try to match a line or + tile and a rainbow tile to make all tiles of that color to be the same line tile or + tile, so that they will be cleared out at once to give you more points.
Also, you can try to mix two rainbow tiles together to blow up every single tile on the entire screen.

Here, you will need lives to play in the levels
Sometimes, you may need to get your lives back for free by applying the time lapse tricks
At this point, just go to the date and time on the phone and set the time ahead by half an hour per heart or lives that you want to get.
After doing so, you can then go back to the game and grab all of your lives there.

Once doing that trick, be sure to go back to the game to verify the lives you have regenerated there
Afterward, go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, then you can go back to the game.
After doing anything necessary, you will get the lives there

Alternatively, you can also ask your friends for hearts or lives
So, just add more friends to have a lot of advantage of having more hearts or lives to play in the next levels

Gems is the premium currency of this game that you will get for free or purchasing them on the iaps
You can get them once you can accomplish some levels successfully
Thus, just try to make some combos to get more points that will lead you to get more gems freely


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