How to Collect More Gems Coins in Snapimals iPhone

Snapimals Discover and Snap Amazing Animals from BebopBee can be said as a new picture-taking game that you can play on for the iOS device

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Here, all you will do is to build the next great wildlife museum that you can do by taking the best possible pictures of various wild animals.
Later on, the captain will judge the pictures to be the best ones to get posted there.

In line with this, each picture will be judged based on size, angle, and position.
To get a perfect picture which has 10s all around, the animal must be as close to the camera as possible
In other words, those animals must be facing the camera when they are shot.

At this point, do not shoot the animal in the middle of a specific action, such as sleeping or running Also, do not shoot two or more animals in the same picture, since it will not give you extra points.

Anyway, when you take a picture per go-around, you will have a limited number of pictures
For such reasons, be sure to use your shots wisely

And, do not take repeat pictures of the same animal
But, you can do this to fulfill a new quest, or do this if you have not gotten a perfect 10 shot of that animal.

As usual, gems and coins are the main currencies of this game that you can get in any other way
You can collect coins from your museum and other amusement buildings on your island

Or, you can get them by going on more safaris and taking more pictures.
Furthermore, just save them up and go on safaris as often as possible while leveling up your museum and increasing the number of pictures that it can hold.

After going through certain level milestones, you will be able to unlock new areas where you can complete with new sets of animals there.

Except coins, gems here will also be the premium currency of the game
You can use this currency to speed up construction or to get more rolls of film which is like energy timers of this game

You can get such gems and coins by taking the best pictures
Moreover, you can also get bonus if the pictures are good enough to be sold on postcards
Plus, if the picture is displayed in the museum you will get bonus in form of gems or coins.


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