How to Collect More Gems Coins in Guardian Hunter iPhone

Applibot has offered newest rpg which is bundled in Guardian Hunter game where you will have to collect one of several class of warriors then go to battle with enemies for resources and glory

guardian hunter walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be able to pick warrior or archer that will be as your character in this game
If you choose warrior hero, this hero has a good defense and health to fight in close range and it has also skills to battle in fashion.
On the other words, this hero is a melee one that can only deal with enemies in close range

On the other side, if you are prefer long range hero to melee one, you can choose archer hero as your favorite character to be played in this game
This hero has high critical hit and it comes with stylish range skills to attack
It can also deliver some hits toward enemies in long range, so this hero will give you an advantage when you want to give a support for your partner who uses warrior hero

Whatever hero you have chosen, you will later on go for hunting in the quests
Before doing so, make sure to select a helper guardian to support you along the way
In line with this, some guardians will come along with various abilities that will help you in hunting in the quest with ease.

During in your hunting session, you can still use skills during auto hunt where you will be able to move by touching once, and roll by touching twice
At that point, you can also use them strategically to avoid enemy attacks.

When getting involved in the battle with some enemies, you can tap Multishot again to use Double Multishot toward them
So, just show off your guardian’s power in the arena when fighting against some enemies

In your journey of the quest, you will encounter the guerilla dungeon that only opens at certain times, so when it does, you have to catch zombies with your guardian to make it even stronger
Usually, every completion of a quest will earn you some bonus events in random stages

Anyway, this game will also feature gold coins and gems as the main currencies that you will get throughout the game
In related to get gold coins, you will earn them during your quest
Every time, you beat enemies in the battlefield, you will be rewarded with gold coins

And, if you can complete each quest of this game, you will earn some gems that you can use to purchase some cools items to be equipped for your characters
Thus, just make sure to do some quests and beat enemies standing in your way to get gold and gems in this game


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