How to Collect More Diamonds or Gems in Millionaire Pop iPhone

Millionaire Pop from DeNa Seoul can be categorized into a new puzzle game which is specially designed for the iOS device, and it may come to the Android in the next updates.

millionaire pop walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a kind of a hex-grid match three game, where you will drag and gather up some various forms of money to make combos

In the mean time, you will also have to gain points as high as you can while trying to make a good progress from one level to another.

Here, if you can make bigger combo, you will get more bonus tiles then you will transform various coins into either bills, that can clear an entire line
Or, you can get super coins, that will be handy in clearing out all of one color.

Therefore, try to make the biggest combos to load up on these special tiles and to beat a tough level.
Every time, you lose at a level, you lose a heart

In the way of getting more hearts, all you will do it to watch the ad videos
Besides, you can also spend ten gems on a full five heart refill.
You can also ask friends for having more hearts since you have connected the game to Facebook

On the other side, you can also get free hearts by doing the time lapse tricks
At this point, you will merely set the time ahead on your phone
Just try to set it ahead by half an hour to get every heart

And, you can also set the time up to two and a half hours to get a free full refill.
Once doing so, just go back to the game and you will get the hearts completely refilled there.

Meanwhile, just look look out for the weekly event levels to collect more bonuses such as free diamonds.
Just play them as often as you see them in that event

Diamonds or gems is the premium currency of this game which you can get in any other way
Basically, each time, you complete a level, you will be rewarded with diamonds

With all diamonds you have collected from the levels, you can purchase power-ups which will help you accomplish the level at ease
Always make sure to use gems on the very toughest levels that you come across in the game.


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