How to Collect More Diamonds in Infinite Myths Android

Pocket Studios has delivered its newest game called Infinite Myths in which this game is a kind of online fast-paced CCG where you have an ability to control the spirits and gods, magic creatures mysterious demons then send them into the battle for victory.

infinite myths walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to dive into the magic world, as well as trying to find friends or opponents, fighting against enemies together, sharing your experience etc.

This game will also feature guilds, raids, ladder system, story line, battles with bosses, hundreds of exquisite and unique cards that you can gather up for your collection.

Also, you can combine card specializations, races and abilities together to make the ultimate deck that comes to the most powerful cards ever.
Early on this game, you will simply select your hero then collect your hero cards.

Here, combining two cards together will create the Awakened card that increases your B.R. into battle
Then, you can receive a generous reward by gaining All Stars in location.

Ember here will refill every your turn and 1 drag costs 1 ember
Later on, you have to beat all enemy cards or hero to win each battle that will come to more rewards such as gems and points

To battle with opponent`s cards, just tap Start then your cards will automatically attack opposite cards.
If opposite spot is empty, they will attack an enemy hero card, but if an opposite spot has card, a hero will be attacked automatically

You can then place your quality cards in Altar
In order to unlock new abilities, you must enhance cards to level 5 and level 8 in which your cards will be level up higher that can consume lower level cards

Furthermore, you can get new orange cars that you have to find Nerida, a very special girl who likes orange color

In order to find her, every time you use Diamond in this February, you can summon your cards to get 1 point for 1 draw, 10 points for 10-Draws.

At this point, you must try to earn 30 points to have 5 Nerida card souls
Getting 60 points will net you 15 Nerida card souls
And earn 100 points will give you another 20 Nerida card souls
Then, you can claim Nerida card souls in Event-Summon Bonus

After finding Nerida and her orange cards, you will then have to find and meet Taliesin, a vagrant bard.
He will appear everywhere in the nature, every house’s doors are opened for him
And the moment he touches the strings, the whole world is in his hands.
He does not need power or a crown to travel everywhere putting troubled minds of people easily.

You can find him by logging in and paying the game for 18 days during the February and gather up the pieces of his soul.
On the 18th day, you will get a chance to meet him in which you can then claim Taliesin card soul in Benefit Sign in Pack.


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