How to Collect More Diamonds in Heroes of Gaia iPhone

Snail Games USA will take you to discover a world of ancient mysteries while leading your armies, unlocking mystical powers, and returning peace to the land in Heroes of Gaia game

heroes of gaia walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to join in an epic conflict with the exciting free turn-based strategy adventure.
As a great commander, you will command forces to uncover enemy forces, and deal decisive victories through strategy in this game.

The story begins when the Arigus Holy Nation ruled the land of Rigaria, but dark forces seem to be in the unseen corners of the empire.
Now, it is the time to send your forces to eliminate the evil forces, and bring peace back to the land.

In related to the game, resources and treasure chests will not respawn when you re-enter a level which you have completed before
You need to conquer an enemy fortress in some levels
Here, heroes of different races will come to different combat attributes.

All units inside your empire will have their own souls in which their power is sealed in the Soul Stones.
For such reasons, you have to collect these Soul Stones, so that they will join you when battling with enemies.
With these Soul Stones, you can summon and upgrade your units turning into the most powerful ones
Unlike Star Stones, you can use Soul Stones for both upgrading and summoning your units
At this point, the tier of a Soul Stone will pertain to the quality of units that it can summon

On the other side, units that have been fully upgraded to seven stars, they will be able to unlock higher skills
Otherwise, some units with limited mobility will be vulnerable to ranged attacks
When battling with enemies, you will be given 15 seconds per turn to move your units.

Furthermore, this game will also feature diamonds or gems as the premium currency
Except gems, this game also assign you to earn more wood and coins that you will need to strengthen your units
To earn more gems, you must complete each mission to beat all enemies in each stage

According to these currencies, you will get them as extra rewards by inviting your friend to join this game.
You will also be able to get some honor points that you can use to upgrade your City Walls, Archer Towers and catapults
In the way of getting rare items, you have to catch another player’s city so that you can get Lord of the City’s Deeds that you can exchange for rare items


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