How to Collect More Diamonds in Farm Business Android

SplayGame has brought Farm Business, a simulation game to android platforms and ios soon
Here, you will be a Boss to manage all aspects of your business from crop, livestock, produce to sale the product of your farm.

farm business walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will be served with some missions and you must work hard, give the business strategy to achieve your goals, so that you can get a big profit expand and develop your business grow to potential one.

Once you harvest your crop, you can sell it for gold coins
In the mean time, you will have to improve your field barn or pond to expand your farm

To get more products, you will also have to build and upgrade your farm.
In line with this upgrade, you must purchase an upgrade machines in your factory.
Also, you have to fix machine which is broken, or sell machine which you think it is unnecessary.

To manage your farm at ease, it will be highly recommended to hire and train staffs.
Then, take care all of your staffs to help them feel better.

You should also make a research and develop your technology to improve the productivity of your farm.
According to this, you can try to make market research, product marketing, and allocate time for research and development of each product related to your farm

Furthermore, you will also get a special gifts and new items, then make some buildings after you have completed missions.
In farm, you can purchase seed or breed that you can use to make raw materials then you can sell, wait to harvest or heal field.

This game features gold and diamonds as the main currencies
In order to improve field/barn/pond or harvest immediately, you can use your diamonds that you have collected from completing missions.
You can also use diamond to unlock position and to put machine or complete production in a quick time.

In Factory, you can also use machines to produce products from materials.
Shop will also show up your products which have produced in factory.

On the other side, you can tap on the staff to make them feel better when they have strange expression.
You can use buildings to develop your business in City.
If your farm, factory, shop or city have something in issue, it will warn you quickly.
In addition, every machine are able to produce the product list.
Thus, make sure to accomplish each mission to collect more gold and diamonds in this game


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