How to Collect More Diamonds in Epic Cards Battle TCG iPhone

Epic TCG Cards Battle will bring you in experiencing legendary battles with friends and players worldwide where you can build up your own cards deck to beat your rival`s cards, with 3 kinds of card types such as Unit, Spell, Trigger.

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Later on, every time you complete the battles, you will gain experience points and level up your cards in that it will also give you rewards.
Moreover, you will get more experience by beating higher level players.

As usual, this game will bring gold and diamonds as the main currencies that you have to collect along the game

With coins, you can purchase in game items like cards.
You can also use coins to place a bet in duels with other players.

Besides, diamonds will be useful to get some cards, coins, packs, rubies, upgrades or recharge energy.
Except gold and diamonds, rubies are cards enhancing material used to increase cards power, in that you can get these rubies by sacrificing the other cards.

Along the game, you will also need energy that you can use to complete quests and boost the DP gained in ladder battles.
In order to get more energy, you can also ask your friends to send you free energy as a gift every day.
You can also max energy limit and increase recovering speed by VIP upgrade.

In related to the cards types, you will be introduced with 3 basic card types, namely unit, faction and rarity

Unit is the main force in player’s army.
They are the fighters who can deal direct damage to enemy Unit cards.
Spell can trigger an effect when it is activated which can be a healing, attack, attribute enhance, attribute weaken or any other special effects.
Trigger is Trap Card or Spell Card’s function and if it is activated the effect is more pertinent and powerful.

Faction is the overall race, force or region the cards grouped to.
There are currently 5 factions in game such as Shrine Alliance, Nature Force, Hell Legion, Fanstiya Empire and Dynasty Rising

Rarity is represented in card’s border style and color to know how rare the card is gained.
Higher rare card will have small advantage over lower rare cards.
But this advantage can be easily solved by card ability and different advanced attributes.
Rarity cards will range from Silver, Golden, Diamond, Legend to Epic

Here, all of your cards will have their own cooldown time measured in seconds
Thus, just try to use the best card for tough enemy`s cards only

On the other side, every time, you win the battle, you will be granted with either gold or diamonds
In line with this, managing your cards stats will be really important to get the victory when battling with enemies cards



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