How to Collect More Diamonds in Dream Fighters Android

Dream Fighter is a kind of CCG game coming along with the original plot of RPG of the KOF that provides mighty and cool art style and splendid battle scenario
In this game, you will come and gather up all of your favourite Heroes then train and upgrade them to be played on PVP competition with friends

dream fighters walkthrough ios android

As usual, this game has included coins and gems as the main currencies that you can get with a lot of different ways

Bund is the energy supply for fierce fighting.
In line with this, you can consume bund at 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 every day in that this will give you full energy for fighting against enemies.
Here, you can also eat bund only at appointed time, and it will disappear after time limit.

Later on, you will also be rewarded with diamonds that you can collect by logging this game regularly
At this point, new server login gift pack is presented for 30 consecutive days, then you can claim the reward in form of diamonds every day.

In the Event Time which is seven days after sever open and in the even area s1 you can participate in that event to get prize of 300 diamond, Gold Exp Statue 5, Capital Card 10, received at Prize Center.

According to this, just go to login in daily to claim amounts of diamond and 5-star purple card reward, that you will need to fight against enemies.
Moreover, you can get reward by logging in the game within 30 days

Also you can get more rewards within three working days after event end.
Here, you can try to improve your Attack, in which the effective Attack is final Attack when event goes to the end.
At this phase, the highest attack player will be rewarded with 1000 diamonds as bonus
Later on, every time you level up your heroes, you will get Exp Gift Pack when you reach 30 level

Anyway to play this game can be free whereby you and your friends can embark on this grand adventure together
In addition, if you really need more Gems, you can purchase them in-game with a just few taps.


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