How to Collect More Diamonds in Age of Sparta Android

In Age of Sparta, a city management strategy game with overseeing the development of a kingdom by Gameloft, you will have to unite the powers of men to make an everlasting kingdom.
Then, you should rally up the troops, and fight back to defend Ancient Greece from invasion

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At first, you will be assigned to space out your boosters evenly where these buildings are usually a decoration of some sort, like a tree or fountain and so on.

When they are placed near other buildings, these boosters can increase the efficiency of the building. Every booster will come to its own boost rate then you can use multiple boosters
Then, if you want to try to layout your town in a way, you can spread boosters to as many of your buildings as possible.
At this point, you can place boosters in the center of a plot of land, then build around it.

Later on, you can fuse your two of the same type of units into a strong units for more efficient attacks that you can do when reaching around level 7 or 8 in this game.
You can try fusing two slingers to get Slingers II.
Here, Regular Slingers will have 2 attack and defense, while Slingers II will have 6 attack and defense.
As a result, the stat boosts will add up once you make enough of the Slingers II.
When unlocking this ability, you can try to fuse as much as possible with the coin.

Furthermore, when going to the PvP, always be sure to search for lower glory players indicated in their character portrait.
Here, try aiming at the lower ranked players, as it will easily be to take their defenses down.
Always make sure to study your opponents before you go through with an attack

During in the battlefield, you will be helped by minimal interactivity in that they are still mostly automatic, but you can lend a hand.

At the same time, consider the weapon triangle.
Lighting beats shield
Shield beats sword
Sword beats lighting

When battling with opponents, you can call helping hand allies into battle to help you.
Doing so will need gems or diamonds which are the game’s premium currency.

Always pay attention in projectiles flung at your units where you can see them coming from the top right corner of the screen
Swiping your finger over it will destroy it, that will save your troops some damage.

Then, you will see that random objects will spawn on either side of the battle outlined either with a green or red color.

Green objects will provide beneficial effects
Red objects are bad whereby you must tap them to prevent them activating.

As an illustration, if you have some green objects on your side they will heal your troops a small amount, while there are bombs on the enemy side.
To dealt with this, just wait until they are near the bomb, then tap it to explode it, as it will cause massive damage toward incoming enemies

In addition, always follow the quests as they will lead you down the general progression path
Also, you should upgrade your buildings and army as they will earn you a bunch of gold and experience
And, if you are lucky enough you will also get some gems that you will need to do things in this game


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