How to Collect More Crystals Shards in Immortal Odyssey iPhone

Gameloft will take you to the journey in this epic RPG adventure inspired by Chinese myth where you will go to the Celestial Empire, in Immortal Odyssey game, an epic quest set in a nice fantasy dimension.

immortal odyssey walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be able to recruit a party of heroes from four classes namely Fighter, Ranger, Knight, and Mage then you will be assigned to capture and collect monsters to turn them into powerful allies to become an unstoppable force

This game will offer you the Gifts which you can collect them all daily as rewards such as gems, the premium currency of this game
You can also melt equipment after reaching level 20 in which you can equip weapons and items on your team members as well.

Along the game, make sure to recruit more team members by summoning them in the Stone Portal with those gems you win in missions or fights.
When summoning your team, you can start from the Basic summon.
At the same time, you can spend the gems on the Basic summoning and take advantage of the free Supreme picks you get every 48 hours.

Later on, while resetting your talent points, you should still play it smart when you spend them
You will be given with multiple options and ways to follow and not enough talent points for you to max out the entire talent tree.
In line with this, you can follow a single branch after checking out all options and maxing it out.

Furthermore, you will earn a bunch of consumables that can increase the experience levels of your allies
At this point, be sure keep them for when you really score a super ally.
Having two or three star allies will max out their levels rapidly
And there is no point not to level them up by playing or replaying stages.
For such reasons, you have to keep your consumables for those top allies that you want to improve in a quick time.

On the other side, if you have any 20 crystals of the same type or Shards in the game, you should use them to summon a four star monster, that will help you along the game.

In the way of getting these shards, you can replay in old stages in that it will increase your chances of getting more of them.
Also, having 4 star monster will be better than a maxed out 2 or 3 star one

Meanwhile, playing this game will require energy to do some actions
Sometimes, your energy will run out that will make you wait them to come back
If you do not want to wait for long time to regenerate your energy back, you can try doing time lapse trick
At this phase, all you will have to do is to change time on your phone to an hour or so
After getting back your energy with this trick, you should set back time on your phone to normal again

In related to the battle system of the game, it will not be recommended to go with Auto Combat
For initial start, you can try play in the AI especially in the more challenging fights to conserve Rage attacks and target specific enemies.
Then, if you can easily beat them, you can use auto fight mode.

In addition, when going to attack enemies, wait for the perfect moment before unleashing your attack skills at them

When you are still walking on the path searching for enemies, you can try to wait for them to turn their back at you
At this time, you should attack to get an extra free attack.
In the mean time, you will have to move in slowly, otherwise they will attack you if you are too close to them.

This game has featured crystals or gems as the main currency that you will need to upgrade your hero
To get this currency, make sure you complete all given missions in each stage whereby they will usually provide you gems as rewards then add them to your collection


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