How to Collect More Coins in Pyro Jump Rescue iPhone

Pin Pin Team has launched Pyro Jump Rescue as an auto running game on the apple store recently
Seemingly, this game is the sequel of Pyro Jump, which was firstly popular on the ios long time ago

pyro jump rescue walkthrough ios android

As usual, you will guide your hero to navigate some spinning wheels and dangerous obstacles to rescue his captured friends.

Every time, you do your action, you will also get to collect coins to be used on power-ups, checkpoints, etc
When collecting them, just time your jumps well enough to grab them while trying to survive long enough to rescue all of your firey friends.

Here, coins are absolutely everything where you can use them to get upgrades for your character, checkpoints so you will be able to avoid doing that difficult bit again
You can also get more lives to continue your actions without starting over.

When jumping from one platform to another, always consider to follow the route around the spinning wheel which will gives you the most coins at all times.

Sometimes, you may miss a couple of coins, whereby you will merely carry on and try to do better during the next jump.
Always try to jump as soon as your character underneath the coins.
And, you should not predict where it will be after you jump, so just jump right into them.

Once collecting enough coins, you can use them on upgrades at the beginning of the game
Moreover, you will also get a chance to collect diamonds when you can complete each level.

On the other side, you can get the coin magnet which will be a safety net for when you miss-time jumps.
Anyway, you can also spend your coins on lives
In accordance with this, you can watch the ad videos to get a free life to continue your jump.


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