How to Collect More Coins in Mega Drift iPhone

At last, Chillingo has recently launched their newest game, Mega Drift where you will be able to show off your driving style in this new arcade-style racing game.

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Inside your car, you will handle the corners where you should make some drifts with speed and precision through many exotic spots, such as jungles, mines, and more

Early on this game, it will better if you follow the tutorial first as it teach you an easy way to time your drifts
Always stay alert of the sparks that will come off of your car’s muffler.
Be sure to time your drifts early when the sparks will come up
You can do it when the camera zooms in for that stunt shot.

Along the game, when pulling out of your drift, just wait until your car will almost be straight with the road.
If you let your car go too early it will make your crooked, and it wilt shut you out of the speed boost.
If you let it go too late it will smack you right into wall
So you must be careful when controlling your car in which if you can make more perfect drifts, you will have higher drift chain score.
SO, just try to do that to make a good chain as this will lead you to get good times

On the other side, you will see some coins scattered around the sides of the road.
Tilting your device will lean your car in the coins direction, so you can get the coins
Also, you will meet obstacles on the road in some levels in that you must watch out for
Always avoid those obstacles such as a hole on the road

After making progresses through the game, you will collect some coins that you can sue to purchase new cars and upgrade them for better stats
Getting new cars will be pretty expensive, so it will highly be recommended to upgrade the ones you have used before.
Getting your car upgraded will help you with better drift boosts, faster top speeds, and better durability that you can feel when drifting in each track.

Meanwhile, this game will also give you some missions to complete
At this point, you can check your missions for each level that you can do by tapping the button next to the start button.
If you can accomplish every single mission, you will be granted with a bunch of coins that you can use to get new and better cars.


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