How to Collect More Coins in Hop Shot iPhone

Hop Shot is the product of Fish Logic which is included into an endless arcade hopper game taht you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

hop shot walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to hop or jump your animals from island to island while collecting gold coins and you must do it without plunging into the water

At the same time, you will also have to set high score marks and unlock new characters as you go.
In line with this, with all coins you have collected from the game, you will be able to collect all 30 characters through the prize play mini-game

To play this game, you will tap in the opposite direction of which way you want to jump to the next platform accurately.

Here, you can try to tap and hold and the X button to move outward
And, if you let go of the screen, your character will jump to wherever the X referred to.
If you feel jumping too far, you can redo a tap by holding the screen until the X goes off screen.
Afterward, it will disappear and you can tap it once more.

On the other side, you will now be able to skip a space ahead if you see two spaces up on the screen.
At this point, just tap and hold the screen, while aiming for two lily pads ahead
Thereafter, you can then aim the X at that one instead of the very next one.

In order to aim accurately, try to tilt your phone so that you will get the next lily pad directly above the current one.
After doing so, you can tap directly below where you are targeting

Make sure to take care of the distance when you are doing so.
If you can consider the distance, it will aim right towards the center of the next platform, so that it will be especially helpful when you go on further in the level and the next platforms

Anyway, if you notice that the next platform is a coin platform, do not ever skip it as that platform will grant you one coin or five coins when tap it

In accordance with it, the number of the coins will be determined by any amount said in the middle of the platform.

Moreover, you can also get a free prize of coins that you can do by watching the advertisement video whenever you see the offer there.
By watching the ad video, you will be granted with a lot more coins, which will be handy to unlock new characters.

Each time, you have collected 250 coins, you can roll for a new character.
And, if you earn 300 points, you will then get a chance to grab a big coin bonus for free.
So, if you have more points score on each stage, you will get coin bonus fast


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