How to Collect More Coins in Hammer Time! The Binary Mill iPhone

Hammer Time! from The Binary Mill can be said as a new kind of tower defense game that is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms

hammer time! the binary mill wallkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to defend your castle from the boulders attacking it
To deal with this, you will wind up and swing a giant hammer to that boulders
Each time you can do it well, you will be rewarded with score

To perform your action, you can simply hold down on the screen for a very short period of time to do a very light hit.

And, holding down on the screen longer will allow you to do a harder hit, which will really be useful to beat the larger balls.

Meanwhile, holding down on the screen until it automatically swings itself will make the hammer swing as hard as possible, then loop back around and swing a second time to swing it across a larger area.

Every time, you can knock out the mine cards containing gold, you will get coins
With all coins you have collected from the game, you can use them to get new types of hammers or other objects, such as candy canes or rods.

Those items will merely change the look of your swinging around that day.
In order to get more coins, be sure to complete quests
At this point, you will get one quest at a time then once completing that one, you will be served with another one to complete later on.

If you want to get more coins fast, you must collect the free prizes and watch the advertisement videos.

In accordance with this, you will get a free prize after one minute, then two, then five, etc
Then, once gathering up enough of them it will take several hours or the next one to come up again.

Also, you will get the advertisement video links to come put randomly after rounds
And, each time you have watched the ad videos, you will get amount of coins for free.

In related to your castle, it can withstand three hits.
So, you must defend it from the boulder to not hit it three times a round

Sometimes, you may need to do a short tap or two to back the balls up
Doing this will allow you to have enough space to make a harder hit.
In the mean time, you will be able to line up multiple boulders to get knocked out with a harder hit so that it can clear the screen out fast.

In addition, purchasing a coin in-app purchase in this game will give you bonus
To make it happen, just wait until you get a timed trial of one of the characters that you do not have yet
At that time, you will be allowed to use it for a few turns then you will get the option to get it.
If you purchase it, you will be granted with a 1,500 coin bonus for free.


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