How to Collect More Coins for Moves in Into The Dim iPhone

Happymagenta has come to the apple store along with their newest game called as Into the Dim
This game can be included into a new Roguelike RPG made with Game Boy-esque graphics and Nintendo-esque mechanics compatible for mobile platforms.

into the dim walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will start off with 3 move tokens, with each step or attack using a move in your turn.

Along the game, you will guide a boy following his dog through various dungeons
And, all you will do is to go as far as you can, while gathering up treasure and coins, then eliminating tougher enemies along the way.

You can beat them with your gun but it has a limited amount of bullets
And, you can fire at enemies off-screen and know if you hit something.

When dealing with enemies, they will move after your moves run out
At that time, you must really be so careful, in which you will end up running up on them, that will make them hit you several times before you can move again.

To counter them, you can throw a punch at an enemy when you are right next to them
Or, you can switch to the gun and shoot a bullet at them.
The bullet will deliver the same damage to them

On the other side, you can get some extra move spaces allowing you to execute hit-and-run attacks.
Besides, you will also get ammo refills in treasure boxes.

As usual, this game will feature coins which you will get by beating enemies in the stages
And, each time you can complete each level, you will be rewarded with some much coins

Once having enough of coins, you can purchase upgrades in your home room to make things a little easier such as a set of health, turns, and bullets.
In accordance with this, you can purchase extra life slots and extra move slots.
Also, be sure to consider purchasing more ammo slots than move slots

Sometimes, you may lose at a dungeon when trying to complete each level
For such reasons, you can continue to watch an ad video, or you can use your coins to continue playing with the next levels.

In order to earn more free coins, just go to your home room and scroll around.
There, you will see a video offer icon under one of the tabs
Once seeing it, just tap it to watch a video which will grant you more 10 coins for free

In the attempt to get more coins, you will see two rooms to either side of your main home room.
When you are on the left, you will be at the room where you can get free coin drops.
And, going to the right will lead you to the room where the secret dungeons will open up.

At this point, you can try to unlock the secret room after completing 50 percent of the game.
In this game, you will have to go through 30 levels in the game, in which you must complete level 15 or so to unlock the secret room and the bonus rooms to open up.


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