How to Collect More Coins for Fast Cars in Racing in Car iPhone

Racing in Car developed by Caner Kara is the best mobile racing game for the ios device which will get you to drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment.

racing in car walkthrough ios android

To play this game, all you will do is to tilt your phone to drag your car wherever you want
In the mean time, you can also overtake traffic, collect coins to purchase new cars.

In other words, you will merely drive as fast as you can through traffic and overtake as many cars as you for new high score.

When driving your car on the road, just stay as close to the cars as possible
Sometimes, you will have to overtake the other cars ahead to make big score and gold coins
In line with this, you can try to zoom then as close as you can.
Anyway, just stay in your lane while touching your sides to make points.

On the other side, you will come up to a group of cars that block all lanes.
At that time, those cars will move at nearly the same speeds, which will make you wait.
If you see cars line up ahead of your car, just make sure to use the brakes.

When you are driving around 130 kph, you can overtake a lot of cars on the street.
And, you can also go fast to get through clusters of cars at a faster speed

In order to overtake the other cars safely, the second car may disappear from your camera view, in which the car is considered destroyed or something like that.

If you see that circumstance, you can try to switch lanes as fast as you can
Doing this will really be useful when you try to weave through heavy traffic.

After going through some races, you will collect gold coins which you can use to purchase another car
If you want to get new cars, just make sure to get better cars with bigger score multipliers on them
Having such cars will give you a big chance to collect more coins and points.

Later on, each time you have collected enough coins, you have to save them up for better cars which will provide you some more coins


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