How to Collect More Catalyst in Midnight Star iPhone
In Midnight Star, you will take a role as co partner of Lt. Charles Campbell that will shoot any aliens, and you must go to piece together to save the entire universe in this massive first person shooter adventure game.

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Along the game, be sure to stay alert of your ammo clips
When your current clip comes to empty, see an indicator at the top right, along with a warning at the top of the screen.

Then, when your ammo is close to critical, you have to take this time to tap on your gun icon at the top right to do an active reload.

Always remember not to wait for your clip to completely empty, as the automatic reload will require more time than an active one.

When dealing with enemies in the gun battle, you will see the two indicator buttons on the left and right sides of the screen that will allow you to rotate and change your field of view.
If enemies are present, the corresponding indicator will come to blue, and it shows a number of how many enemies there are.
And, if you see they are going towards you, it will turn yellow.
If you notice that an enemy is going to attack, it will turn red.
Looking at this indicator is really important to prepare your self to shoot them in the right time so you will save up your ammo

After playing this game for a while, you will find colored crystals sitting around.
You will see that blue crystals will exploded into element shards which you can collect when shot
And, red crystals will drop health shards.
When seeing this, you have to tap the shard to collect them

And, if there are health shards on the ground around you, you will see red + indicators next to your regular indicator buttons.
Be sure to collect them if you are low on health

Furthermore, holding two fingers on the screen will make your shield activate.
In the mean time, you can try to center the projectiles into the middle point to maximize shield potential in which your shield will have an energy gauge that will refill over time
And, it is weakened every time it absorbs a projectile.
If you see the projectiles are getting closer to the center of the shield, it will lose less energy
For such reasons, you should try to block your shots in accurate

Later on, you can try to manage to three star a level on the regular campaign difficulty
Here, you will be able to unlock the Hardcore and Psychotic difficulties, in that psychotic is being harder than hardcore.

On the other side, every mode will substantially get harder than the regular default difficulty
Anyway, if you can handle it, you will get the big rewards including catalyst and you can also earn more resources as well

In addition, you will also be scored in this game
Every time you get a kill, your score multiplier goes up one.

Then, between each kill, you will have a limited amount of time before the multiplier resets back to one.
Thus, just shoot as much as you can while reloading then keep up your fire again for getting more shots and score.
Doing sharp shooting in a quick time will be a good starting point for your epic journey.


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