How to Collect Manipulator Chips Schmeckles in Pocket Mortys iPhone

Pocket Mortys from adult swim is related to the Morty Manipulator Chip which is specifically designed for the ios devices

pocket mortys walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will get to collect more Mortys that you can use in battle
Then, you can combine them to get better Mortys and progress through the game.

Early on the game, you will start with a free Morty Manipulator Chip
Later on, you will have to get them more by buying the chips and crafting them.

In order to buy more Manipulator Chips, just go to Salesman Rick’s by visiting its shop in The Citadel or by tapping the menu icon in the upper right corner then selecting it from there.

Purchasing those chip will require 500 Schmeckles
In line with this, you will need to them at least two badges and beat one of the Council members in order to get the item in the store.

To get more chips you can craft them in any crafting station
In order to craft one, you require Supercharged battery, Circuit Board and Tin Can.
The Supercharged battery can be included into a craftable item, which is made from Battery and Turbulent Juice Tube.

After getting the chip, you can use it to get more Mortys in your collection.
But, you will still need battle a feral Morty and once their health drops in the red zone, you can safely use the chip and be 100% sure you can get them.
This will work if their health is in the yellow area


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