How to Collect Lightning Bolts in Mujo iPhone

Oink Games inc has come to Apple store bringing its newest game, MUJO that is a unique puzzle game where you will be prompted to gather up tiles and erase them all to attack monsters on the screen

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This game seems to take a setting of Greek mythology, in which it is a kind of match-3 puzzle games with an RPG twist where you will have to collect various Greek gods and battle your way through history

When playing this game for the first time, it is better to take your time and plan out your moves well
In line with this, this game does not have any sort of time limit during the battles in that it means that you should take your time and plan out your moves accordingly while predicting where a piece wants to go and when you make a stack or match.

Meanwhile, you will also be served to use the UP button when you do not have any good moves
Using the UP button at the bottom of the board will push your entire board up one row.
Doing this will get the top most row destroyed, so that you will get a new row at the bottom of the board.
At this point, you can try this step if you get stuck to where to move next.
Anyway, if you have a bomb tile that gets destroyed, it will be an explosion that destroys all tiles in the same column and row as the bomb tile

On the other side holding finger on the screen will turn the tile you tapped on into a stack, where those tiles will then absorb all the other attack tiles into one.
Here, the leftover tile will have a number on it which represents its attack strength.
Later on, stacking will be useful to deliver massive damage in one go
However, before doing so, make sure to make a stack, then use it as soon as possible.
It is caused by after a couple of turns go by with the stack idle, it starts to lose power.
Therefore, be sure to try making big stacks, plan ahead, and make a good result

Except using the up button, you can also try to use your gods’ skills
Once having the 3rd battle or more, you will be allowed to unlock the use of lighting bolts.
These lightning bolts are considered as your energy for your skills and other things.
And, when you want to use a god’s skill, just tap them to expand one lighting bolt.
In the mean time, always check out new gods that you get to see what kind of skills they have.

When seeing chest tiles on the board, you can either match these normally, or you can spend a lighting bolt to destroy them on the spot.
Having chests here will give you awesome stuff, such as equipment for your existing gods to make them stronger, or new gods altogether

Furthermore, each of the gods will have a colored circle below them that indicates to the type of experience that have to be matched to get that experience.

As an illustration, you get the first god, the Amazon with a light blue circle.
This circle means she only gets experience from the light blue fish tiles.
Next, on regular fights, you will merely move forward and gather experience for your gods if you feel like they need more power.
In addition, all you will do to play this game is simply to recap, power up your gods, utilize your lighting bolts, stack up your attack tiles to beat enemies and get more lightning bolts


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