How to Collect Infinity Gold in Clash of Kings Last Empire iPhone

Clash of Kings can be categorized into a new MMORTS game developed by ELEX Wireless, in which this game is like a cross between AOWE and Game of War, where you will go into a world full of monsters and rivals, then you will have to try to dominate the rest of your map, and join up with an alliance and dominate with them along the game.

clash of kings walkthrough ios android

To strengthen your kingdom and the community inside, you will be equipped with troops that you have to train for being the most powerful ones

In line with these troops, every troop type will come along with a specific set of troop types that they are strong against

On the other side, you will want to diversify your army as much as possible between infantry, cavalry and ranged troops, and between each variety of those troops.
Also, consider to weaker troops even when you level up as despite being weaker, you will be able to train a whole lot more of them on the cheap.

To supply your troops and kingdom, be sure to always have some kind of construction going on.
If you have more constructions, you will have any supply of food, wood, and later on iron and mithril that you can get when completing each quest

Always make sure to collect your quest rewards, after completing the quest.
When you have gathered them up, all of them become fair game to other players.

On the other side, in order to level up your hero, you can attack low level monsters and do some easy farming for gold
Moreover, attacking the other players who have quite obviously abandoned the game will easily give you more gold.

Invading the abandoning bases will give you more resources as they will never level up and they will never seem to have any defense troops but they will constantly build up more resources.

Once collecting more gold, you can use them to hire extra builders for a temporary time.
At this point, spending 250 gold will provide you a second builder for two days, in which it will double the speed as which you can construct things.
Eventhough, it is temporary, it has permanent effects that will directly affect the speed where you will get more power.

In addition, you can also make a research for your weapons
In line with this, you can use the college and the forge to research new tech and to unlock new weapons for your troops.

Anyway, some weapons here cannot be directly equipped, but if you can unlock them, they will buff your troops.
In the mean time, be sure try to tap your commander and spend any skill points that you have earned along the game.


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