How to Collect Gold Stars in Brave Brigade Hero Summoner Android

ZQGame will let you select among the brilliant and powerful warriors and you will guide them to save the kingdom and get your victory on your own.

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On the other words, you will have an access to select your specialized Hero, directly affecting your squad build and combat style and recruit mercenaries that will fight and die for your or capture monsters to help you in defeating the enemies standing in your way

Along the game, you will be able to gather up from over 200+ Mercs, each coming with its own advanced set of skills and abilities
Later on, you will have to enhance and evolve your them to be transformed into their quirks, abilities and appearances
Also, you can deploy a balanced squad of Mercs to heal, attack, and take damage in each battle with foes

Meanwhile, you can also take part in PVP tournaments with players from around the globe and team up with your friends to deal with challenging Raid Bosses

Early on this game, just pick your starting hero, then request as many high level friends as you can get then get 3 stars on every level while using all stars as you earn them to purchase more friend slots
After having a max friend list, just concentrate on grinding for merc souls on special stages then make a plan of the mercs that you want to go and focus on them.
In the mean time, you can use all star winnings to finish your friend list at 100 in this game

Once reaching level 10 in this game you can try to do every Boss Raid and Arena.
And, when running out of ap, you can use medals to level up once, then go back to ap stages.

When the infinite grind begins, and your first hero runs low on ap, you should level up your lowest to restore ap and continue.
Here, you should grind as much as you can, so that you can get all stars each week and spend only for useful items.

This game will feature some currencies that you will need to accomplish your missions
You will get AP for entering stages.
Then, gathering some more gold will allow you to purchase some items and to upgrade or evolve your Mercs.
Besides gold, you have to collect stars to purchase or upgrade Heroes and Recruit Mercs.
Moreover, Honor Points will be useful to recruit Mercs in Secret Stages.

Throughout the game, you will go an adventure where you will meet some enemies that you will have to beat in order to earn more gold from them and stars for completing each mission

And, when you have the stars available, it will be better to purchase all heroes, even if you have 4 at lvl 1.
When, you have all heroes at lvl 99 and have 300 ap, each hero gives 1.5 mill gold through levels so you will earn at least 9 mill gold that will make max their skills.
Doing this will make you get enough souls to get some 4-5 stars mercs on your team.
Also, you are able to use your medals to grind for gold, specifically do Carthago 6-10 as it has a great gold payout.


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