How to Collect Gold Coins in Pocket Troops iPhone

Pocket Troops from Heyworks can be said as a funny and charming war game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

pocket troops walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will simply recruit and train troops before sending them into battle.
Later on, you will have to gather up and upgrade legendary weapons and gear.

Early on the game, you will have to learn the unique abilities of six different classes and select from more than 50 awesome skill sets.
Then, you will equip your units with set of weapons such as the AK-47, L96 Sniper Rifle, Napalm Launcher, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” guitar, and Gatling Laser.

Along the game, just use all your money on recruiting as many troops as possible.
Then, you can command your troops to pick on individual targets.

In line with this, you can firstly focus on the strongest enemy so that you will soon learn to recognize them.
Make sure to take out enemies troops equipped with bazookas and other heavy weapons

On the other side, you can try to have a varied bunch of troops so that you will not solely rely on bazooka wielding troops, without any assault rifles to take out the enemy

To power up your units, you must get them trained as often as possible
At the beginning of the game, the training process will take 30 seconds or so and incremental improvements can make a big difference later on.

Each time, you go through the battle, you will be granted with stars which you can use to get new equipment

In accordance with this, you can try to combine the same pieces of equipment to get bonuses, which can improve your chances when battling enemies on the game.

Later on, you can go for the story missions, where you can attack other players and take part in regular one-off missions.
Participating in this mission will give you some experience and money, which will always be handy to get new weapons and equipment.

In addition, this game will require gold coins and cash as the main currencies of this game
You will collect cash during in the battle with enemies
With a bunch of cash, you can then recruit more troops to be your units

And, each time you can complete mission successfully, you will be rewarded with gold coins which you can then use to get the best equipment and weapons for your units


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