How to Collect Gold Cash in Frontline Commando WW2 Shooter iPhone

Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter from Glu Games will take you to get involved in historic warfare where you will go through some challenging missions on the battlefields of Belgium, Italy, Germany, and more.

frontline commando ww2 shooter walkthrough ios android

With your allies, you will have to shoot all enemy troops, head to head with snipers, or guard your convoys, halftracks, and tanks to rescue Europe.
Here, you will be equipped with some weapons such as Bazookas, Flamethrowers, Sniper Rifles, etc that will help you master all the stages and become the ultimate soldier in that age.

Along the game, you have to test your skill and strength in these challenging missions daily.
From there, you can get war gems that you can use to purchase powerful flamethrowers and even a tank
By invading your enemy`s territory, you can steal crates from your enemies to find powerful equipment and weapons

When shooting enemies with a rifle, be sure to go for headshots as this will cause more damage and get a score multiplier as well.
At this point, just take your time, aim carefully and go for the headshots toward enemy.
Make sure to always reload your weapons before moving to the next point

On the other side, you can wait out for your enemies to stand still and reload before shooting them up quietly.
Besides, you should also watch their patterns, see who shoots first and you can shoot them one by one.

Then, if you use bazookas, be sure to shoot in crowded areas as its blast radius will catch more than one enemy soldier.
Also, use the flame thrower to put many enemies on fire at first then take them all down one by one without even being shot at.

Once getting your missions completed, you cannot replay a battle
For such reasons, be sure to get the most out of each one of cash.
Also, you can go for headshots, cause mayhem and maximize each battle that will give you more money for some upgrades.

In line with this, just keep upgrading your weapons as this will help you go through the missions easily.
When upgrading items, start one or two upgrades while going for two other missions
And, play them until you max out then start upgrading those weapons.
By keeping your weapons upgraded, they will be more powerful and better as you will need them for the main story battles.

In addition, you will also be able to get and use the free item rewards such as grenades that you can do by watching ads video.
Completing this offer will be important as these special weapons will be extremely useful to take out enemies at once.
You can also use them early on this game to eliminate a bunch of standing enemies



  1. Having problem in Fc ww2 stage 4 bazooka is not appearing in can’t purchase try down load but fail showing massage disk is full no space to download try my best there is 1.50 GB space

  2. This game is horrible. U can’t earn gold unless u pay for it so unless u want to spend lots of money u will not be able to advance or upgrade weapons It’s a money grab for glu. Don’t waste your time

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