How to Collect Gold and Cash in Nitro Nation Stories Android

Creative Media has presented Nitro Nation Stories as a racing game where you will be allowed to select more than 30 cars from the popular brands such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Mazda, Nissan, Pagani, SSC, VW then go for races with your rivals through stunning 3D tracks for cash, gold and glory.

nitro nation stories walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will go for a racing adventure challenges where you will have to race, speed and crash your way to victory.

During the game, you will explore 3 unique high quality race environments and play through 5 Game Modes namely Story Mode, Street Race, Underground, Division and Pro Street to get prizes, cash and upgrades that you will need to upgrade your cars

With all money you have collected, you can customize your car with a selection of discounted stock colors or you can also make your own custom paint jobs.

The most important thing is to upgrade your car especially for Engine, Turbo, Gear Box, Intake, Body, Wheels, Nitro each with 5 levels of upgrade kits.

In order to get some cash, be sure to take part in some races
Participating in Street Race will give you a chance to earn cash.
If you can beat tougher opponents, you will be rewarded with higher prize.

Also, be sure to complete all missions to proceed to the next city when playing in Story Mode.
Besides, you should get your champion in division races that will earn you money to upgrade your car.

If you want to get a perfect start, just push the gas pedal to keep arrow in the green zone.
Then, you can change gear up when the arrow will be in the green zone

When going for upgrades, you must install the upgrade first
At this point, just drag an upgrade part to the empty slot.
Here, you will be allowed to install the upgrade with a limited of 5 empty slot only.
If you have upgraded your car, your car will have better stats, in that your car rating is higher as well.

With your upgraded car, you will easily beat your opponents in the race track.
You can also improve your grip in this race by holding the gas pedal to burnout your tires.
You can get enough money or gold at the bank then you can get them more when beating tougher opponents that you can do with an upgraded car.

On the other side, you will really need fuel or gas to continue racing all the time
If you run out the fuel, you can get it for free by doing a time lapse trick
To do this, just follow these instructions

First, just shut off the Nitro Nation Stories game by restarting your phone.
Then, change the time in advance for 3 hours or above to get a full fuel.
Next, you can now open Nitro Nation Stories game and you will get your fuel full there.

After getting your fuel filled full, you should set back the time and date to normal again
To make it happen, do not play a single game on your phone.
Just close the Nitro Nation Stories game restarting your phone
Go to settings then set the time and date back to the normal.
Now, you can open Nitro Nation Stories game and you will get your full fuel.


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