How to Collect Gems Coins in Immortal Legends TD iPhone

Immortal Legends TD from Tapstar Interactive will bring you to a journey through mythical China which is called Journey to the West in mobile game

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This game can be said as a twist on the classic tower defense genre, where you directly command legendary heroes in form of the Monkey King to go on a journey to the west

Early on the game, you will have to complete the first set of levels
If you can do so well, you will get new heroes, in which you will get involved in a fighting chance against the hordes of enemies

Later on, you will have to manage your allies by placing them in the correct space
At this point, Little Monkey is a ranged attacker
Big Monkey is a melee attacker and he does not have high attack power, but he can make up for it with very high health.

Note that enemies under most circumstances will not attack ranged allies.
For such reasons, try to place ranged allies first, then you can place a melee allies.
It is caused by enemies will go after melee allies
And, if your ranged allies are located within range of the enemy, your melee allies can overcome the enemies in place
Then, your ranged allies can finish them fast.

On the other side, always keep your heroes on the move as they can be used in place of melee allies
Also, some of them are handy as a tank than others.
Monkey King can be considered more of an attacker as he comes along with decent health
But, Pigsy can be included into the second hero as he has much more health than him.

Besides, you must keep your heroes upgraded well since they are the main driving force of your party
Every hero in this game is equipped with a weapon and armor, that you can upgrade with coins.
Plus, they come along with active and passive skills, which are unlocked with scrolls that you can get by passing through a level without a single lotus leaf getting stolen.

You can also upgrade allies with coins to increase their attack damage, health, etc
By doing so, blue orb cost goes up and they can even evolve once they reach maximum level
Moreover, they will give you the necessary materials.

Every level will feature five difficulty levels, that you must accomplish to get more rewards
You can firstly try playing in Easy and Normal which have scrolls in their rewards
So, just complete each level on Easy and Normal to grab scrolls which will really be useful along the game

As usual, this game will feature gems and coins as the main currencies of this game
Each time you can complete a level, you will be rewarded with such currencies
Thus, always try completing a level and win each battle to collect gems and coins for free


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