How to Collect Gems Coins in Gods of Olympus iPhone

Aegis Interactive has just launched Gods of Olympus on the apple store as real time management game where you will make a fortified city and wield the power of legendary Greek gods from Zeus, Ares to Athena, and more

gods of olympus walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will firstly use your first god, Zeus, who has Chain Lightning as his first ability.
This chain lightning delivers heavy damage to buildings and units around him, and they can also jump to additional targets.
Later on, you can use this ability toward buildings and small groups of units.

Then, you can power up your gods in the Pantheon
To do this, you will need gold to either upgrade their health, strength, or abilities as they are your main source of damage, which will take out enemies at once

On the other side, you must also upgrade your towers or temples as your defense
Upgrading gods’ temple will indeed provide you passive bonuses to your gods and troops

To get better defense, you must upgrade arrow towers, garrisons, and other defensive structures
Since their attack power will increase, they will produce more troops

After starting with Zeus, you can select one of the other five gods such as Athena who is a tank god, as she can soak up tons of damage.
She has high health pool naturally, she has ability, called Aegis, which can reduce incoming damage by a whopping 70% from enemies

Thus, just make sure to deploy Athena first so that she has the attention of any possible threat on the battlefield.

When defending your area, you will not be able to use your gods.
But, you can use your troops to defend it.
In line with this, make sure to set up enough academies and defensive towers as your top priority.

On the other side, you can summon a group of troops at any building you want.
Just do this when the second the ability comes off cooldown
During the later levels you will get bombarded so you must have a steady stream of troops moving out to defend your area

In addition, you will have to collect gold and gems as the main currencies of this game
Each time, you battle with enemies, you will collect gold coins in the mean time
And, if you can get your victory in each battle, you will be rewarded with gold coins and gems

For further, just make sure to always consider to complete each given mission in the game
By completing more missions, you will get a big chance to collect more gems and gold coins as your reward


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