How to Collect Fast and Easy Stars Box Coins in Kiziland iPhone

Kiziland – Evolution Clicker Game from Funtomic is categorized into an endless clicker game for the ios device where all you will do is to collect a bunch of Kizi, get coins from them, and evolve them until they change to eccentric evolutions.

kiziland walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will tap and drag two same Kizis and help them evolve into a unique and powerful creature.

In the mean time, you will have to get stars and gather up coins to boost your progress.
Later on, you will be allowed to unlock new areas, ocean and space planets then send your coin earnings through the roof.

To make your mission easy, you can use amazing special power-ups and level up to unlock super Kizi, win trophies and earn achievements

Early on the game, you will merely start with the base Kizi, then after making some progresses through the game, you will pass a certain evolution level and purchase higher level of Kizi.

During in the stages, you will have to clear out all of the eggs, fill up your Kizi stash, and make the next evolution fast
At this point, make sure to keep doing so until you run out of coins.

Once running out of coins, you can fill it again by maximizing out your Kixi
Then, leave the game to sit overnight to rack up coins.
In the morning, you can go back to the game to purchase more Kizi again until running out of coins

On the other side, you can also collect some coins by turning off the sleep function on your phone, and plug it in while setting the game to active on the screen on the highest level area you have unlocked with the best Kizi.

Your character there will keep you earning coins every few seconds
And, if you have higher Kizi evolution level, you will get more coins
For further, you can have that one active when you leave the phone alone to double your earnings rate.

To do this, just go to the Kizi in the highest level, and tap it over and over again to earn a ton of coins

Also, make sure to tap on all of the present boxes you find there which will give you free Kizi and free coins.
Or, you may get free stars, the premium currency of the game.
You can then use the stars to get new Kizi instead of coins


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