How to Collect Extra Gems in Bubble Mania Valentine`s Day iPhone

In this month of love, TeamLava has introduced the best bubble shooting puzzle adventure game which is called Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day

bubble mania vd walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard and rescue baby critters that you can do by shooting bubbles and matching 3 or more to pop and drop your way to victory

When playing in early level, just tap on the screen to aim and determine where you want to throw your bubble.

You can aim at the walls on the sides to bounce your shots off of them so that it will hit some bubbles which are hard to reach with direct shots.
After you throw the bubbles, they will travel until sticking to either the ceiling or another bubble.

Every bubble that you pop or drop will be worth 10 points and every time you have rescued every baby you will be rewarded with 500 points score.

Besides, because of clearing obstacle bubbles or getting pop, you will be rewarded with extra point and also drop bonuses.

At this point, pop and drop bonuses are additional points that will be given when creating a streak of matches with 3 or more consecutive bubble throws.
If you find bubbles do not pop when you throw them, your bonuses will not be as high.
For such reasons, you have to maintain long streaks to get really high scores

To pop bubbles, you will simply match three or more bubbles in the same color so that any bubbles hanging off of those will drop that will come to more points.

In each level, you have to rescue all of the babies before you run out of bubble ammo.
On the other words, you have to free them from the bubbles as they are trapped in by either popping or dropping them.

You will need 1 energy to play a level.
In line with this, if you earn 2 stars or more on a level, you will get more energy as reward.

Moreover, you will also get up to 3 stars per level in that it is based on how high your score when you can complete that level.
With the stars you have go in the level, you can access more islands then unlock them

Once completing each level, you will also be able to unlock boosts or powerups that will help you beat levels and reach higher scores.

Meanwhile, you will also have a chance to purchase a few more bubbles to help you win the level.
Or if you hit a Doom bubble, you can undo your last shot and keep playing by purchasing the Rewind boost.

This game also features gems and coins as the main currencies that you will need to purchase some boosters or power ups

In the way of gathering up more gems and coins, find + buttons on the map screen then tap it to add more gems and coins.

Additionally, completing goals in this game will give you some rewards like some keys that you can use to open a treasure chest full of coins and gems
At this phase, using pink keys will give you gems as bonus reward
In line with this keys, you can find them by tapping the treasure chest icon in the top left of the map screen.


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