How to Collect Extra Coins in Air Control 2 iPhone

Four Pixels has launched its newest game which is an addictive one that will take you on the role of Air Traffic Controller.

air control 2 walkthrough ios android

Your main goal in this game is to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions with other planes flying on the air.

Along the game, you will fly through some locations from scorching deserts to freezing mountains
Moreover, you can take part in multiplayer coop maps where you can play online with your friend

Here, you will have a flight with a bunch of different planes and choppers as well as flying with zeppelin airships and the fastest plane, The SR-71 Black Bird
During in your flight, you will have to avoid blazing storms while making the right decisions when radio jam hits a plane

All you will have to do in this game is to touch an Aircraft and to draw path to matching runway.
Also, try to hit the the right approach angle.

On the other side, this game features coins as the main currency that you will really need to unlock new planes with better ones

In the way of gathering up coins along the game, you will collect when you have completed each mission in this game

Anyway, if you want to earn more coins fast, you can use hex editor and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.
You can use coins HEX f9 68 c9 cb Dword to be inserted to that editor


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