How to Collect Energy Orbs in INheritage BoE Android

Tinker Games has offered an exciting shooter game with various special attacks that is bundled in INheritage: Boundary of Existence designed specifically for android platform

inheritage boe walkthrough ios android

This game begins with the story of Nala, as the protector of Bandung in maintaining the world’s balance from the evil Yaksa.

Graphically, this game is packed in beautiful artwork, interesting visual novel and beautiful voice actors to bring your gaming experience to life.
It also comes along with beautiful 2D artworks and animation that is visually stunning on your phone
Also, you will be served with original BGM and SFX which are built in this game

Your main goal here is to help Nala through her journey by defeating various mythical enemies and dodge the bullet storms from them
You will also be equipped with some various bullet pattern on various stages when dealing with various bosses along the game

You can play through 3 levels of difficulties namely Easy, Normal and Hard then you will also be able to unlock various supporting Rakyans and special attack

To play this game, you will simply slide around the screen to move Nala.
Here, Nala has 3 shield in which if she has no shield left, she can be beaten by the next hit form enemy

When going for Magic Core, you must beat incoming enemy while preventing your core from being hit by bullet or enemy.

Magic Barrier Mode will slow down the time when the special attack bar has been full
In line with this, your hero will be able to use a magic barrier to slow down time.
You can also use gesture function to trigger special attack in this mode

With White Fang, you can trigger Nala’s ‚ÄúThite Fang with gesture movement.
Meanwhile, you can also unlock more special attacks with unique gesture trigger that you can unleash toward enemy in the battlefield.

On the other side, when dealing enemies in the battle, some Yaksas will be protected by mantra and it make them invisible.
For such reasons, it will be useless to attack it until the barrier were lifted fully.

In addition, some Some Yaksa will also carry a number of energy orb that can be absorbed by Nala.
So, you must get it as much as possible by defeating them so that you can use it to strengthen your hero


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