How to Collect Easy Gold in Lords of Discord iPhone

HeroCraft has 3D turn-based strategy game which is called as Lords of Discord
This game is specifically made for the ios device and it may come to android in the next updates

lord of discord walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will freely create your own party consisting of valiant heroes and equip them to conquer new lands, complete quests, and battle with hordes of monsters while building up your power, developing your Castle, and gaining an edge over your rivals.

Health here is the vital element for your heroes
And, you can get the health of your troops with the health potions in your inventory and you can get them in the castle and you can heal your troops there.

Early on the game, you are tasked to conquer areas completely to get some sort of resource
Here, you will have to fight all battles and conquer that area to get the advantages.

On the other side, your garrison is sometimes vulnerable to be attacked by enemies for resources
For such reasons, you must leave some high level troops in the garrison.
Be sure to put your best troops in your garrison when you log out, then take them back to your army when you log in again

In order to get better troops, you must build in your castle the Mercenaries Guild as fast as you can.
Once your troops are ready for battle, you must watch the top of the screen to see when will the enemy attack.

At this point, the order is always the same which are center attacks first, left, then right.
So, you must learn this to target your attacks flawlessly.

When battling with enemies, you should take out one enemy in the first round, before it manages to attack, so that you can save up some extra health.
At the same times, you can also try to focus on destroying enemies one at a time

On the other side, you will see that enemy troops prefer to attack a specific troop in multiple times
To overcome this, you can defend and cast a healing spell on it in the second turn then get the troop healed constantly.

Always remember to keep your troops alive since resurrecting them will take a time and resources
Meanwhile, try to take down all the enemies one after another to complete the mission in one piece

As usual, gold and silver will take a role as the main currencies of this game which you can get in any other way

To get silver coins is relatively easy since you will merely beat all enemies in the battle
With the silver you have collected from the game, you can purchase more health and troops

And, if you can complete all missions in a stage successfully, you will be rewarded with gold, the premium currency of this game

In addition, weapons and items will come along with the different stats.
So, you must equip the better versions and sell unwanted weapons for having more gold or silver


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