How to Collect Diamonds or Gems in Infinity RPG iPhone

Phablet Games has introduced Infinity RPG as an adventure game on mobile, where all you will do is to battle with monster to gain experience and level up your hero
Oftentimes, you can challenge your friends and fight along with your heroes in this fantasy world.

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Early on this game, you will be introduced with some heroes classes namely warrior, hunter, and mage to choose from

Warriors has sword and shield as their weapons, and their main attribute is Strength.
Hunters has bow and quiver as their weapons, and their main attribute is Dexterity.
Mages has staff and tome as their weapons, and their main attribute is Intelligence.

Here, you can pick the one that fits to your style then go on a never-ending adventure as well as exploring ancient treasure and rare drops in this never-seen casual RPG
During in your journey, you will have to defeat bosses in the various maps and you can also challenge enemies in the competitive arena

Anyway, it will highly be recommended to level up your hero first
To level up your hero in a quick way, you can farm along the game as all battles in the game proceed automatically.
Just keep farming, even it is in log off, as the farming is still going on.
Once logging in the game, you will get all items looted in your inventory.
All items will be stored in gear that will be automatically sort when your bag is full.

Every time, you level up, you may learn many powerful skills that will be handy to be used in battle.
After getting level 15 in this game, you can bring one Hero into combat that is in the same level as yours.

Heroes can only equip chest, leggings, main-hand and off-hand weapons.
Hero skills are unleashed in a random order.
You may cultivate Heroes to raise their basic attributes.

In order to go for the next map, you will have to beat boss in each map.
By defeating some bosses in this game, you will be rewarded with more Exp, Gold, and better gears.

Here, you will be equipped with 10 slots for 10 different type of gears.
You will see the attributes attached to a gear that includes STR, DEX, INT, and STA.
At this point, the different colored gears will come to varied number of attributes.
You will see that the detailed attribute figures will be determined by gear level.

On the other side, each artifact will have an additional attribute, named Artifact Attribute.
At this phase, transference allows the attribute of an artifact transferred to a non-artifact.
And, an artifact’s tier can be raised by devouring other artifacts.
Later on, you can also try to smelt unwanted gears for Smelt Pts and new gears.

After going through some levels, you will earn a bunch of gold and gems that you can use to purchase supporting items at the Mall.

To test your skills and items, you can challenge players ranking higher than you in arena.
When battling with such players, you must try to win the battle, as you can take over their place.
Meanwhile, you will be offered 3 players with higher ranks to choose from in each challenge.

In addition, this game will take gems and gold coins as them main currencies
In the way of collecting them, you can go for explorations in maps to farm for gold coins
To get more gems, you have to accomplish missions given by this game


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