How to Collect Diamonds for Pro Pack in Football Clicker iPhone

Naquatic has launched Football Clicker as a new clicker game that you can play both on the iOS and Android phones

football clicker basic guides apple watch

All you will do in this game is simply to tap the ball to collect cash and diamonds that you can use to recruit new players
Later on, you will have to manage your team as you battle against real opponents worldwide

In line with this, you will be tasked to put together your entire football team, that you can do with your kicker
Your kicker will then kick accurately every time, at dizzying rates of speed based upon the quickness of your taps.

To tap in the game, try to do it with two or even four fingers, since you will make goals much more quickly
Note that do not tap with all of them at the same time
But, you need to alternate them at high speed for the maximum effect
Therefore, you can score the most points and make the most money as fast as you can.

Always check your bar at the upper right corner of your screen
There, you will see that bar to be filled up as you tap and as your teammates earn you points.

Once it has filled up, one training day will come to the end and the next training will start again.
Every time you see that bar to get filled up, make sure to check the menus for a new bonus, such as the ability to draft a new teammate

In the mean time, you must also tap as quickly as you can and upgrade your taps to get this bar filled up during the game.

When trying to manage your team, you can draft offensive team members in which this will earn you score points automatically
At the same time, you can also draft defensive team members to take points away from the other team when you playing in the matches.

Sometimes, some players will neglect defense during the gameplay, so you can upgrade your defense as high as you can, and draft some best players for your advantage.

AS usual, this game will require diamonds as the premium currency of this game
In order to get free diamonds, just go to the diamond menu and search for options such as liking on Facebook, watching a video or rating the game.

As an illustration, you can start watching the promotional video there
After watching that video, you will be rewarded with few diamonds
On the other side, you can also get diamonds or gems by completing the levels in the game.

In addition, after you become part of a team, you will be able to get medals for winning.
If you have more medals, you will still get better reward at the end of a tournament event.
Anyway, if you do not join a team though, you can still get some rewards in form of gems and cash.


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