How to Collect Crystals Coins in Paradise Island 2 iPhone

Game Insight has presented the best economy simulation game that is wrapped in Paradise Island 2 where you are given a tropical island to be turned into the most beautiful and unforgettable resort ever

paradise island 2 walkthrough ios android

To make it happen, you will have to build entertainment venues, restaurants and stores, open information centers to attract more new tourists.

On the other words, you can build your own tourist city with luxury hotels, receive guests and complete exciting tasks for rewards.

To complete your resort, building hotels and entertainment venues will be needed, then you can open restaurants to get golden coins

Later on, you must also upgrade buildings that will come to profitable ones
When upgrading your buildings, getting entertaining buildings upgraded will bring more profit
Also, be sure to provide more profitable events in your hotel

And, having power plants will produce more electricity, then you can improve your buildings by tapping on the Upgrade button in the lower part of the screen.

To get maximum efficiency, you can try to speed up the upgrading process by tapping on the snail button so that the process will finish in a quick time.

To give the easy access form one place to another, you can build roads that connect the Administrative building houses and hotels for tourists so that they can go to the hotels and entertainments or Administrative building in which they can also visit every corner of the Island

In this game, every time you do an action, you will get experience points that will be useful to level up your account
To get experience points, you can complete quests, build new things, collect profits, and explore the island

On the other side, to perform any action in this game, you will need energy to carry out work on your island
Energy in this game is activity fatigue which you use by developing island, cleaning out the jungles and helping tourists.
Your energy will be replenished at the rate of 1 point per 3 minutes.

To give the light for your island, you will need a supply of electricity to each building there
Therefore, you must build eco-friendly power plants, generators, and windmills to have plenty of electricity for everyone.

Along the game, your job will be easy of you can hire more staff members to work with you
These staff will be required to keep all the buildings on the island up and running properly.
So when planning a new building, be sure to consider to have sufficient staff.
At this point, you can hire more people by upgrading your Administration Building.

To make money in this game, tourists are the source of income of your business as you cannot run events in the hotels without them.
For such reasons, building more hotels will be necessary to attract more tourists to visit your island.

The number of tourists will increase when you upgrade the pier and make sure to build your island more attractive one.

As a result, if you have more tourists come to your island, they will give you more money in form of crystals, the premium currency of this game
Beside, you can also get some gold coins by completing each quest
Thus, build more hotels and run some events to make crystals from your tourists
Always try to complete each quest as fast as you can for collecting some gold coins for free


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