How to Collect Credits Big Bucks in Rogue Star iPhone

RedBreast Studio along with their newest game, Rogue Star will take you as pilot of a space ship where you can view flying between stars and battling pirates.

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In this game, intergalactic convoys and lone rogues will hail you and offer the chance to join them for protection or piracy runs.
To go for it, you can pick up missions from spaceports to collect a few extra credits.
Moreover, you are also tasked to earn big bucks, that you will need to trade.

This game also features a simple system of buying and selling, where you can purchase goods via auction against AI players.

With credits and big bucks you have collected along the game, you can use them to upgrade your ship to delve deeper into the sector and reap the rewards of higher bounties and trading opportunities.
Once getting enough credits, you can purchase a new and better ship with some advanced weapons and armor

On the other side, proficient pilots will be able to earn a good living from picking up cargo pods.
In line with this, you can find them in the debris of destroyed ships or they are occasionally dumped in space lanes.
Because of a pods shielding, you can get the contents once it has been collected.

Later on, you can also join Station Auctions where you can bid for commodities and sell them to other stations for a profit.

To play this game for much fun, it has become riddled with the menace of pirates.
Pilots may also occasionally be approached by pirates to help them ambush unwary passerby.
As a space ship pilot, you will have to clear them all to make a peace as it was
And, you will be rewarded with big bucks or credits if you can eliminate them

Dogfighting in this game will be a satisfying affair with smooth controls and exciting twists and turns. At this stage, you will have to try to lead your shots for accurate fire toward enemies.

You will also have the ability to re-route power between critical systems during encounters.
In line with this, you can boost lasers at the expense of shields and engine when going to shoot enemies ships.

When doing so, you must use speed and roll controls together that will give you a lot of think about while you are twitching over the fire button.

Every time, you can beat enemy`s ships, you will rank up
Then, as soon as you rank up, the pirates start appearing in pairs, or in heavier ships that will be hard to beat.

Meanwhile, if your legal status is clean you can provide escort duty for other ships, usually cargo convoys.
At this phase, a flashing antenna icon will replace your flight computers icon that can be pressed to open comms with the hailing ships a discuss terms.

Also, you can accept missions at space stations.
At this point, those missions usually involve delivering cargo or information from one sector to another.

Completing these missions will indeed give you a regular source of income for traders willing to accept them.
Sometimes, highly regarded pilots may be offered unique missions befitting their status.
And, some interesting story developments make substantial rewards here.


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