How to Collect Coins in Magic Duels Origins iPhone

Magic Duels from Wizards of the Coast will bring you to play through the stories of five iconic Planeswalkers where you can use your skills and build your deck of spells from the collectible cards

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Once building your deck, you can take on your friends online or you can test your deck with thousands of AI controlled-enemies in Battle Mode.

When trying to battle with AI opponents, you can try to have your opponent lose a defender while you keep a good attacker alive.

As an illustration, if you have a 2/1 unit with a 3/1 unit, and if the opponent has a 2/2 defender, it will only attack with the 2/1 unit.
So, if they try to block that, they will lose a card that will make you have your 3/1 attacker which is ready to deliver more damage for the next turn.
At least, you will still cause 2 damage to the enemy in this strategy

On the other side, cards with flying or first strike will be more useful in specific situations
In line with this, you can play them as long as they are most useful in this game.

Also, you must keep the cards if needed and you must use only when they really cause some damage toward enemy`s cards

When battling with your rivals, make sure not to let cards out and keep them for defense duties
Anyway, you will merely go on an all-out-attack strategy and force the enemy to defend along the game.
But, if they will have no cards left to attack with, you will have cards saved up for defensive moments

Meanwhile, you can also get new better cards in your deck by playing this game through the campaigns
At the same time, you can also go through the tutorials which will help you understand how the more advanced features work in the game.
Just make sure to go through the campaigns since it will really help you a lot in long run

The main key to play this game is to learn the game’s mechanics and how each card works
You must also know how to take advantage of their special stats

In addition, this game will feature coins as the premium currency that you can get in any other way
To get more coins for free, be sure to get a victory when battling with the opponent`s deck


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