How to Collect Coins for New Characters Bouncy Bits iPhone

Playside has launched Bouncy Bits on ios platform in which this game is a new endless-bouncing game, where you will take a role as a bouncing head that has to jump over and under obstacles while getting points and coins to unlock new characters such as Toes, Frog and Diva Diane.

bouncy bits walkthrough ios android

When paying this game, tapping on the screen will make your character move downward
Therefore, you will have to time your bounce right.
If you do not do so, you will either come down on top of the obstacle or you will end up bouncing too soon and hit the obstacle.
When going to avoid obstacle, you may have to low-bounce under the floating obstacles.

On the other side, coins are the main currency in this game
In line with this, you can collect them, by picking them up as you go.
If you can go farther in the game, you will see more coins pop up along the game
For such reasons, if you want to gather up all the coins that you need for more characters or bit boxes, you should grind and play time and time again.

Here, a common bit box will provide 50 coins and a rare bit box will be worth 100 coins.
Also, if you come with an epic bit box, it will be worth 500 coins.

You will get a character from rare, epic or common to arbitrary.
In performance, they are same but the appearance of each character will change.
And, what differ between rare and epic characters is they have more elaborate trails following them.

Sometimes, you may see advertisement often come up when you are playing this game
Anyway, if you want to get rid them, you can set your phone into airplane mode.
Also, you can turn off the cellular data on your phone or tablet, and be sure to disconnect the WiFi network.


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