How to Collect All Green Gems in Silly Sausage in Meat Land iPhone

Nitrome has finally launched Silly Sausage in Meat Land to ios patforms and android soon
This game is a simple yet challenging swipe game where you will merely stretch through the air changing direction as you go as well as collecting some gems scattered around the track.

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In the way of collecting those green gems, you will have to avoid some obstacles and stretch your way to the exit.

In each level, you will respawn at the very beginning of the course when you run into a hazard.
You will see some dog houses along the path
And, if you stop at one of the house you can either watch an advertisement, in which you will usually take from 15-30 seconds long
By doing so, you can pay a certain amount of gems to set your checkpoint there.
The main point is do not use your gems right away at every new checkpoint

Always be careful of pipes as your character will be rather devious with its unassuming green pipes.
Stay alert of when you are about to go into one, as most of the time you will not come out of the other end like you would expect.

As an illustration, always look at the featured picture.
You will see three pipes, and one of them leads right into a wall of spikes.
In line with this, taking the bottom left pipe will make you come out of the top right pipe, slamming straight into the spikes.
So you will need the key that will get you to take the bottom right pipe, so that you will guided to the top left pipe.

Every time you are in motion, you will be stretching your elastic body.
If your body is in the way of moving hazards, you will hit eventually
For such reasons, you have to try working your way around hazards so that you will not leave your body vulnerable.
Alternatively, you can try to land on a platform so that your character retracts his body automatically. Because of this, you will be safe when landing, since your body is not vulnerable when it is retracting

After making progresses through some levels, you will be some tough obstacles to avoid.
When going around the 10th dog house, you will start seeing gates and green switches.
At this point, all of the green switches must be held down in order for the gate to open
It means you need to get your body over the switch.

On the other side, before leaving a safe platform, you have to check around and see what the best course of action is
Also, you can go backwards at anytime by swiping in the opposite direction where you are moving in currently.

In addition, always take your time, look around environment and plan your route well in which they are the key to complete all levels in this game smoothly


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