How to Collect A Lot of Gems in East Legend iPhone

Com2Us will take you to go for a journey to find the legendary Halidoms namely Wisdom, Eden, Holy Script, and Chalice then join them to rescue the world as it is supposed to be

east legend walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, your heroes will come along with 5 different attributes then utilize them to get their unique skills to protect Deosis from the enemies.
Also, you can gear up with various items to power up your skill to rescue the world and enter the Treasure Dungeon to get the legendary treasures

On the other side, you can also join a Guild to find your powerful allies that you can take during your journey.

Later on, you will be able to team up with your party to battle with the Boss in the Boss Raid and take part in PvP in the Colosseum for collecting items and gems, the premium currency of this game.

When building your heroes, you can try to exceed your limit by using the same Hero as material when they gain their max level that is increased by 2 every time you Exceed
Here, you can increase the max level up to 5 times.

After going through some stages, you will get some items that will be useful to activate the set effect for your heroes.
At this point, you can activate more than one set effects at once
And, you can try to activate the same effect more than once to accumulate.
In line with this, set items are available from Adventure Mode and the Colosseum merchant.

With item power up, you will be able to increase the item’s basil stats
At this phase, you can also power up power up level +10 and you need material items to Power-up.

Meanwhile, you can also evolve items with Power-up level +5 to an item of a grade higher.
You can also evolve normal items to a Set item.

Once powering and evolving your items, you are now ready to go for battle with enemies
Be sure to view the opponent info and rewards before starting the battle
To get your victory, you can take a friend to battle and select the best items to use in the battle.

You are also equipped by auto skill that is used automatically.
Reward +1 will increase your chances of getting the Stage Reward.

Experiencing in many battles will increase your level and stats in which you can now try to battle against other players online in the Colosseum.
To join pvp in the Colosseum, you will need to reach account level 5 and you can enter up to 10 times a day.

Every time, you go for battling with enemies, you will earn Glory Points for each battle
Besides, you can also use the earned GP to purchase Set items in the Colosseum Shop.
Moreover, when you get your victory in the battle, you can steal the opponent’s ranking
There, you will see 4 leagues and you will be able to collect some rewards based on your rank in the league.

In addition, this game features gems as the premium currency of this game
So, be sure to always win in each battle so that you will get gems as rewards that you can use to purchase better items


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