How to Collect A Lot of Diamonds in Fashion Story Spring Runway iPhone

Again, Storm8 Studios has top #1 free fashion game called Fashion Story: Spring Runway, in which this game includes a new limited edition Spring-themed content
Here, you will be allowed to open your own boutique, where you can also throw on your fresh, lively and stylish outfit and show off the new styles on the fashion runway for gems and coins.

fashion story spring runway walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you can also customize your character with makeup, hairstyles, and stylish clothes
You will be the trendsetter by unlocking designer clothes lines and flashy accessories that customers will adore

To make your boutique more beautiful to look at, you can design it based on your style and creativity with wallpaper, decorations, and art
To attract more visitors, be sure to collect the wardrobe, stock your closet and make gorgeous outfits to be displayed in counters or racks at your boutique

Having counters will allow you to display accessory items
And, racks will allow you to display clothing items.
So with counters and racks, your consumers will easily choose their own clothes

Anyway, in order to get more bonuses, be sure to keep your customers happy by selling enough items in your boutique
And, display enough mirrors and dressing rooms for them to try out their items.

Mirrors are important to try out accessory items for customers
And, dressing rooms are needed for customers to try out clothing items.

So you must make sure they are there if you do not want your consumers to be frustrated and leave your boutique.
Also, the path to the Cash Register is not blocked by furniture or decorations.
Remember that happy customers will attract even more customers that will come to more gems and coins

Also, make sure to socialize with your friends boutiques, and get some bonuses from other fashionistas in the community area
In this area, you can help members of the Community by promoting items in their boutiques or writing some good comments on their walls.

By promoting another player’s selection while you are visiting their boutique will give them bonus experience and coins in which it will grant you Star Rating.
You will see Your Star Rating from 0 stars to a full 4 stars displayed at the bottom of the boutique.
If you have high Star Rating, your boutique will be appearing at the top of the Community list.

In line with this, promoting an item in a Community member’s boutique will be 3 times each day
For such reasons, if you want to get a 4 Star Rating you will need to help several Community members or Neighbors.

In the way of getting some items, you can find them in the Magic Box which is a store for an item, a gift, and a special item
At this point, just tap Design in the home screen then select the last tab to find and purchase the Magic Box.

As usual, this game will take gems and coins as the premium currencies
In related to these gems, you can collect more Gems by going to the store, then tapping the Add button next to the Gems icon at the top of the screen.
After tapping this Add button, you can select from several Gem offers available for purchase.



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