How to Collect A Lot of Crystal Gold in Galaxy Zero Android

Cqgaming Interactive has presented Galaxy Zero as a brand new action game with RPG elements, where you will take a role of an ace pilot, who has to rescue the galaxy from an evil galactic empire

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Seemingly, this game has come along with a multitude of missions, upgrades for your ships and even the ability to bring in your friends to battle bosses.

Along the game, make sure to fly at the bottom as you can avoid incoming fire from enemies ships
In the mean time, always on the move while swiping to the left and right continuously to improve your chances of hitting the incoming ships.

In order to get some valuable rewards, you can simply connect the game to your Facebook account
Doing so will give you some great advantages such as having extra gold and goodies, including a brand new weapon in form of missiles to destroy your enemies in your quest.

On the other side, this game also needs energy to continue playing in later stages
To get more energy fast, you can try to apply the time lapse cheat
Firstly, it involves quitting the game when your energy reaches zero
Next, you can go to the settings on your phone
In the mean time, just set time forward for the amount required to fill up your energy instantly.

Later on, be sure to upgrade everything, starting with the Armor as that is the one you will find more difficult to replace and it will really be handy.
Once maximizing out your weapons and ship, you can go to them if you have the required materials.
For such reasons, you can gather up a lot of those and you should have the ones for the Armor with ease.

Always try to complete the Daily Missions that will assign you to do a series of tasks.
Also, check out the requirements and try to complete as these will give you a bunch of extra rewards such as gold or even gems of crystals, the premium currency of this game.

To get more gems, you will find some of them hidden gems in the store, including the “Other” category where you can purchase experience points or crystal level 1 for just 510 coins and each will give you 8,800 XP.
At this point, you can go for the crates if you have enough Crystals or take advantage of any Packages you might have active.

To get more experience points, you must focus on the Campaign
Play the campaign as long as you can especially for the Boss mode which will grant you better rewards.

On the other side, this game will task you to get resources as much as possible
In order to get a ton more resources, you can replay stages that you have already completed.
At the same time, you can check out their special drops to see what are the top items you can get.
Here, you can play The Red Skull stages only a limited number of times daily, but they will give you great rewards
Because of this, you must focus on those first, then on the regular missions.
Always be sure to invest what you earn in upgrading your Fighter and Equipment

After playing this game in some stages, you will learn of how all ships, including the bosses, that will reveal some firing patterns.
By learning the patterns, you can avoid the incoming fire by placing your Fighter in the safe areas while anticipating the incoming attack from boss ships.


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