How to Collect A Bunch of Coins in Dungeon Highway Adventures Android

Substantial has just presented their new debut in pixelated arcade game, which is packed in Dungeon Highway Adventures that is fast paced, gritty, tilt-and-shoot gameplay

dungeon highway adventures walkthrough ios android

This game will give you more chances to blast in a shower of blocky goo where you will go through 3d environments spreading out across 20+ dungeons.

Along the game, you will be served with some new levels, obstacles, enemies, and artwork
Besides, there is also new item system, in that you will also have to take out some of the dungeon creatures along the way.

In line with this system, you will see robust inventory system that will let you customize your character to your own style

In the mean time, your hero can only bring 3 slots for any combination of items.
Also, you can equip 3 armors at a time, as it does not have limitations except you can carry 3 items.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will simply tilt to move and tap to fire the incoming enemies.
You will also be equipped with some advanced weapons that you can use to destroy special obstacles standing in your way.

To use your weapons, just tap the top right button to switch to a fire weapon.
Along the way, you must also gather up some coins that you can use to purchase weapons and items in the shop.

In the way of earning some coins in a quick time, just go to the Dungeon Plains of Existence then pick Grass at Medium 2.

When being in this dungeon, your items should have 1 weapon, 1 magic item that is Ring of the Quick and 1 magic item that is Coin Magnet.

You will absolutely need Ring of the Quick to increase the wearer’s speed
Besides, it will also be handy to complete the stage and collect more coins faster.
When being in the attempt to complete your mission, you can use Coin Magnet to collect coins nearby
Here, you will need to have at least Coin Magnet in level 1 to move on.


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