How to Choose Races and Classes in Endless Depths 2 RPG iPhone

Nations Software has presented a rogue-like role-playing game that is packed in Endless Depths 2 where this a kind of a classic game with a randomly generated dungeon levels, a myriad of class or race combinations

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In this rogue-like RPG, this game seems to add a level of persistence to the genre where you can do activities like item farming, crafting, etc

On the other side, this game has used the TitanFire RPG system focusing on building a strategic defensive combat system.
Anyway, this class-based game is a mixing and matching of classes, including special classes that you can unlock when you have made nice progresses through some levels.

In related to the classes, they are coming from the adventurer, the cleric, the mage and the warrior
The Adventurer will rely on quickness, dexterity and their own wits.
Their skills are throwing Knife, Sweeping Strike, Ranged Attack, Tap, Swarm Attack.

Meanwhile, the Cleric is based on their spirit, faith and prayers to their god.
Their skills are Prayer, Harm, Heal, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith.

If you choose The Mage, they rely on their study of magic and the arcane arts.
Their skills are Magic Dart, Energy Whip, Discharge, Magic Shield, Magic Blast, Energy Burst.

Then The Warrior will count on their strength and skill with melee weapons.
Their skills are Quick Strike, Cleave, Gather Strength, Double Strike, Perfect Strike.

Besides classes, this game also will give you an opportunity to pick what races that will fit your style Some races of this game are the human, the elf, the gnome, the dwarf, the halfling and the half ogre

The human will come along with average stats and they are good at any class and the special ability is Quick Learner.

The elf increases spirit and dexterity, but they are below average strength and constitution with ranged, ranged accuracy as their special ability

The gnome increases spirit and constitution, but they are below average strength and dexterity.
Their special ability is luck bonus

The dwarf increases strength and constitution, but they are below average dexterity and spirit with throw hammer as their special ability

The halfling presents great speed and dexterity but they are weak and frail with haste as their special ability

The Half-Ogre is made in tremendous strength and constitution, but they are very low dexterity and spirit.
And, they have powerful as their ability.


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