How to Build High Tower in Frantic Architect iPhone

Frantic Architect developed by Bulkypix can be categorized into a one-finger physics-based builder game that you can play on the ios device recently.

frantic architect walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be assigned to build the tallest tower
Meanwhile, you can also stay closer to the ground by constructing a structure with some blocks to shape unique and unusual towers

When creating the tower, your next block will connect to your last block
In line with this, you must time to tap the block so that it can land in the right place.

Early on the game, you start with plain gray cubes, then you can change them to something different
During the game, all you will do is to tap the left and right arrows next to the cube to change the design.

Before trying to build a tall tower, just put more blocks on the base of it.
Then, time it right to fill up the entire structure.
After having a good base going, just try to build up by one square
Thereafter, you can then widen the structure again to match the base.

Sometimes, you often need to make corrections, where you can build back down, instead of continuing to build back up or sideways.

In accordance with this, you may block your viewpoint off from some angles
To do this, you can simply wait for the camera to pan around whereby you can see it clearly

When you are about to build bigger structure, you may have more error room
It is caused by a bigger and wider structure counterbalances weight
Thus, just try to get the camera pan out as each time you meet the next height limit, the camera will pan out once more time.

In addition, this game may serve ad appeared on the screen while you are playing
To solve this, you can play it on the airplane mode
Or, if you want to show your appreciation of someone`s else work, you can purchase the ad removal from the iap store for specific price


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