How to Beat Bosses in Tap Titans iPhone

Tap Titans has offered a fresh new concept of the tapping game genre on mobile platforms as this time
Here, you merely tap the screen to control your heroes and deliver damage to defeat the strongest bosses along the way as well as improving all your skills to high levels.

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At the beginning of the game, make sure to tap the Tap Damage which is the first category represented by two swords.
Later on, you have to increase this as much as possible then go all the way to stage 15 upgrading the Tap Damage as this is the way you can win to fight against bosses in this game

Before investing the tap damage, you must save a lot of money first, then you can start doing so, after going for a few upgrades and invest a larger amount for an extra bonus because this will max out your tap damage that you will need to beat enemies bosses.

After reaching the 15th stage and having money in form of gems as the premium currency of this game, you can start investing in companions each with special skills.
Early on, you can start with the more expensive ones as they are the most useful in terms of damage per second and upgrade all several times
Having them upgraded will give you a chance to do much damage and win the battle with bosses

After unlocking your companions or warriors, you should upgrade them to a decent level, whereby you will eventually get to a point where you can unlock special skills for your champions, in which it increase the base damage of your hero or give various other bonuses as rewards.

Afterward, you can make a ton of coins while you are not playing this game for a while by applying this time tricks

Firstly, just go to your phone`s settings menu and turn off the auto screen lock.
And, you can let Tap Titans run on your phone then your companions will eventually kill all monsters that will be spawned, except for the bosses
But, after failing with the first boss, they will only get regular monsters anyway so that you will earn a ton of free coins in return.

Later on, when you start making real gold coins in this game, you can then invest a few to do some upgrades.

In order to win in the boss battles in this game, it will be better to use the special powers or your super skills
When going to the bosses battle, you will have your super skills such as the max damage or clone that you can use to beat them
At this point, just keep tapping a fairy to get a bonus


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