How to Be Bigger Snake in slither io iPhone

If you played on your phone a couple months back, you might know that game was popular fast
Recently, a new game in similar genre has come out to the ios and android platforms called bringing the rules of the classic game Snake that you may have played on your classic mobiles

slither io walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to walk while eating particles to make it bigger
However, every time, you collide the other small snakes your body will make them explode, so that you can eat their remains to grow longer.
And, if you collide big snake you will be exploded which will make that big snake becomes bigger

During in your action, you may need to outwit them and outmaneuver them by speeding up the snake where you will merely double tapping the screen and holding it.

Each time, you do so, you will make your snake begin to glow and you will move in rapid pace
When holding your speed boost, you may be constantly losing length at the tail end of your snake at about 5 per second
In the mean time, you will also see that a trail of small particles to be left behind when moving

On the other side, always watch a little circle split into four quadrants at the bottom right corner of the screen
There, you see a little white dot on it, representing you and your current location on the map.
Always consider to avoid the conflict with the other big ones around the center of the map that you can do by drifting off into the outlands.
If you ca =n do so well, you will be able to absorb stray particles safely

Sometimes, you may need to take a much more aggressive approach.
After getting a bit of length on your snake, you are able to take down other snakes to make your snake bigger.

Moreover, you can also pull some sneaky surprise attacks and take advantage of this by riding alongside another snake
At the same time, you can then speed boosting to overtake them as fast as you can and try to make them crash into you to make your snake bigger.

If your snake are getting bigger, bigger target is on your back.
In line with this, the other players may try to find ways to slip you up
To deal with such circumstance, try to surround and trap another snake if you get long enough.

Note that, you cannot crash into your own body
It means that if you re getting bigger, you will not be able to trap yourself.
Meanwhile, you may need to be careful with the little ones since their lesser length will give them a bit more maneuverability around your snake’s head.

In addition, every time you see two other snakes duking it out, you may have to get nearby
Wait for the moment, when they are about to end up biting the dust, make sure to swoop in and eat as many particles as you can from there which will get your snake to be bigger one


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