How to Avoid Dots in Level of uu Game iPhone

After launching aa game, General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd has recently come with the new series that is called uu which is specially for ios and android

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As you have seen in the description of this game, the developer will continue to make the new series of minimalist game including ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp and th

The series of two-letter addiction machines, uu seems to be popular on the iOS and Android now.
In aa game, you will have to try to connect dots to a central circle, but in uu game, you will have to connect multiple dots and multiple rows of dots in specific orders
And, make sure to not hit the other dots, or you lose in a level.

As usual, you will get easy level, but when you pass each level, you will get very hard and very fast level.
Because of this, you can try to slow it down and try to finish the stage as soon as possible.
In the mean time, let a few extra dots go by before you try to connect, and find the exact right point to make it work at.

Moreover, on some stages. you must be fast, as you will have to connect dots with very little space in between them.
For such reasons, you can use more than one finger at a time to tap.
Here, you will not be able to tap with two fingers at the same time
However, you can tap very closely one after the other, while avoiding to run the dots into each other.

Furthermore, when they start changing directions, make sure to keep focusing your move
But, plan your best strategy when you are in the point where your tap changes the direction of the spinning circle.
Also, you have to time your tap a bit later as the spinning reverses direction immediately.

And, every time you get in the stage that changes speed, you should wait until it goes to the slower speed then fire the balls off.
Firing at a slower speed will make it smoothy land an accurate batch of balls into tight spaces, in which it is unlike with the faster speeds.
You will figure out how much time you have in the slow speed mode by timing the speed swaps.

In addition, you will always be served with advertisement on the screen during the play
In accordance with this, you can get rid of this by setting your phone into Airplane Mode, before playing this game


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