How to Earn Star Coins Cash in Rope Racers iPhone

Rope Racers produced by Small Giant Games is a kind of a racing game for the ios and android users where you will race and fly with a rope against other players to get coins and stars as your achievement

rope racers walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will also be able to collect new characters and race in awesome locations
During the gameplay, the moment you swing will be the main point to make you win the game

In line with this, you can try doing some runs in the Beginner League
Basically, you can try to let your character run for seconds to build up speed, then rope up to make you swing and fly to the next platform.

When swinging to the sky, you can go for a little high, then let go of your rope and drop down to get great momentum.

Before getting closer to the ground, make sure to rope again so that you will get momentum to be transferred into your swing.
At that time, when you are at the apex of your swing, try to let yourself fling forward with great speed

On the other side, when you swing with a rope without any kind of build up, you will sometimes slow yourself down.
At this point, make sure not to hold your rope any longer.

Then, if you are attached to a ceiling, try to hold the rope for any longer to slow you down
Doing so will also make you slam right into the ceiling.

Meanwhile, start with normal wing, then try to split into a top and bottom path since they will give you a booster space which will make you go to the top path

As said earlier, you will have a booster space which will send you into a tall and wide room.
Besides, you will get platforms scattered to rope to.
To deal with this, try to keep yourself in the middle of the booster space since it will launch you.

When you get to overcome the lava lakes, always focus on building speed
If you can do so well, you will be in the air for the whole race with well-placed ropes

Always, try to complete the missions or coins cash to unlock additional racers
In accordance with this cash, you will get it every time you level up
Basically, you will get more cash by completing the missions, side objectives

So, just try completing them as soon as you can, since they will refresh after a certain amount of time.
Once getting enough coins cash, make sure to upgrade your characters
By upgrading them, they will get running and swinging stats increased well
And, they will also be faster when performing some action on the air


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